A: Yes! Here are the top 3 to be mindful of…


#1: Do NOT be rude or disrespectful to anyone here because we have a zero tolerance for anyone who is rude and/or is disrespectful.

If you are rude or act in a way that is inappropriate or that is not tolerated here, you will be blocked from communicating with us and we will cease communicating in all forms such as offering any of our services to you.


#2: Do NOT send us back to back, constant, redundant emails with the same question because you did not get a response in a timely manner.

Doing this only triggers your email to be sent to our ‘lagged’ folder and also bombards our system which does not help us in any way as we are constantly helping numerous of people a day, it would not be fair to those who seek fast help and then those who don’t need any or little help…

Please be patient and courteous with us and allow at least 7 to 10 days to have passed before sending us another email ONLY if its urgent. If your email is not urgent and just a general question you can find an answer to faster by searching it and you send us redundant emails, you may not get a response. So please do not think by sending us back to back emails with the same question(s) will help you get a prompt reply because that’s actually quite the opposite.


#3: Do NOT send us puzzling or unclear inquiries or emails. 

In doing so, you delay yourself in getting a prompt response actually and is one of a pet peeves for our reps as w strive on clear and effective communication with efficiency. Please do not make helping you difficult.

Q: Are there DONT’s I should be aware of when contacting A.W.A.R.E?