A.W.A.R.E’s Tribute To Patrick Devine

We’d like to take the moment to dedicate this post to Patrick Devine, a knowledgeable man who knew a lot about freeing ourselves from enslavement from the matrix. He held weekly phone calls, where he would come on live and speak his truth and share all the information he knew about how to free ourselves from the court and government enslavements we’ve been brought up into since birth. he spent years researching and testing methods and ways to get in control of the assets of our birth inheritance. 

We’ve been following Patrick’s teaching for a few years and are grateful to have had the opportunity to have worked with him. Many knew Patrick and have been following him for years, with great success with their applied methods. It was because of Patrick that we were inspired to offer EIN packages to help others easily obtain their estate and/or foreign 98 EIN. We’ve been able to help numerous of individuals obtain their EIN from the IRS, many of which were actually some of Patrick’s students! 

Patrick spoke a lot about various subjects from accessing your Depository Treasury Account (DTC) to authenticating your birth certificate, how to read between the lines of the Constitution, the laws and various documents; how to correct and clarify our status, probate court, the importance of obtaining estate and foreign 98 EIN, how to write a Bill of Credit, and much more. He also showed us how to decipher words and break down their true meaning according to Etymology. 

While many disagree with Devine and what he taught, the man was actually on point on many topics. When you comprehend what he was articulating in his teachings, you can utilize his knowledge to help you win in court and in foreclosure cases. 

It’s unfortunate that Patrick passed away of Leukemia on May 11, 2017. He was really unique and unlike many other teachers in the truth movement. He cared about spreading his information to as many folks possible and to share his information freely to the public. Those who took action and adopted his methods and paperwork have benefited a lot. 

Patrick gave us permission to share his documents, calls, and files on our website, which you can publically view here. It’s free for everyone to view and download as they please. Spread the word as much as possible. Note that not all of Patrick’s files and calls are on that page, but you can find more in his ‘We The People’ Yahoo group. Also, many of Devine’s students are in a private Skype group, which you can chat and discuss with other members of the group. 

The Legend Patrick Devine

Legends should be remembered and not forgotten. The great teaching’s of Patrick Devine will forever be honored and practiced as he was so passionate about helping others break free from the shackles of a corrupt system that is meant to keep people enslaved.

One must be a courageous and bold to use the knowledge as the teaching’s from Patrick and payed forward as he would have wanted. Everyday there comes someone who is willing to risk their life for others as Patrick has done.